Ayatollah Khamenei's comments on the supplication recommended by the late Ayatollah Bahjat

On the occasion of the demise anniversary of Ayatollah Mohammad-Taqi Bahjat
  Ayatollah Bahjat was a revered source of emulation and was famous among Shi’ite Muslims for his knowledge of Islamic Gnosticism and his mysticism. His religious decrees were followed by many Shi’ite Muslims. Ayatollah Bahjat died at the age of 96 from heart disease on May 17, 2009 in the holy city...
Political Issues from Ayatollah Bahjat

Political Advice of Ayatollah Bahjat

The role of the United Nations in weakening poor countries
If disbelievers say such and overpower us we would say: ‘The United Nations who claim to be after human rights do not support weak governments. They do not try to empower them or allow them to progress. If they speak the truth they would not have started the Second World War. They are not only oppos...
His Parents

A boy Reared in the Laps of a Good Father

A glorious future for Mohammad Taqi
 A boy was reared in the laps of a man, Karbalaai Mahmoud Bahjat, his father whose heart was filled with the warmth of the love of Ahl al-Bayt, the household of the prophet, peace be upon them, and grief for their tragedies, particularly the tragedies of Abu Abdullah Al-Hussain, peace be upon him, w...

Teaching And Studying at the Same Time

He used to teach at his house in order to avoid fame
Ayatollah Bahjat used to teach the high Sutooh in Najaf al-Ashraf when he was attending classes of major Ayatollah such Isfahani, al-Kompani and al-Shirazi. In other words, he used to teach and study at the same time, and this was his habit even after his migration to the holy city of Qom. As regard...

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Ayatollah Bahjat in the Words of Imam Khomeini

Imam Khomeini and Ayatollah Bahjat

Imam Khomeini used to pay special attention to Ayatollah Bahjat
Ayatollah Masoudi says, "During the four or five years when I was serving Imam Khomeini, I remember that the Imam said to me two or three times: We will go to the house of Ayatollah Bahjat tomorrow, so be prepared for it. The next day, we went to the house of the sheikh and sat in the first room, which was then carpeted with the same carpet that has always been there.  ...
A Memory by Hujjatul Islam Ali Bahjat

Repeating the Name of God

"Ya Hadi", "Ya Allah", "Ya Sattar"
     He always used to repeat the name of God. When he was taking books, again started to repeat the names of God. He usually repeated, "Ya Hadi" and "Ya Allah" at home.    Sometimes he repeated "Ya Sattar" with his eyes closed.  When he wanted to go somewhere, or when he wanted to visit someone, he...

His Youth

The Second Story
I seek refuge in Allah! What have you done, my brother’s son?! He wore his cloak and headed to the master’s home, walking through the streets of Karbala. He had been told that his sixteen-year-old nephew - Muhammad Taqi - was rude to that scholar. He had been told that yesterday at school Muhammad T...

In Najaf

The Third Story
He left the Holy shrine of Imam Ali, said “Ya Ali” [an expression to seek Imam Ali’s help] and started walking. He had just moved to Najaf. The last moment he was about to leave the holy shrine, he turned to the dome of Imam Reza’s Holy Shrine and said, "O’ my master! Please show me somebody who is ...

Private Meeting

The Fifth Story
He was eager to talk to him individually at least once; But he could not! He would accompany him so that, if possible, he could realize his dream. His wait, albeit long, was futile, and he could hardly wait. One day he risked telling Ayatollah Bahjat, “Sir! I want you to have a private meeting with ...

Keeping Secrets

The Seventh Story
In Fatemiyyah mosque, I saw Ayatollah Bahjat coming toward me; His face was flushed, but coming gently; When he reached me, he asked me, “Do you have any money?” I could feel the way he was looking at me. Confused and not knowing the reason for his question, I said, “Yes, I do!” Accusingly he said, ...

The Ayatollah's Heaven

The Fifteenth Story
He stared at the cracks on the walls! It was an old and simple house. He could not believe his eyes. He lived in the USA and had visited forty-five countries; He had a questioning look. He could not help not talking about it, and the day he wanted to go back, he came to Ayatollah Bahjat and said: I ...

The Food for Human Soul

The Sixteenth Story
For some days, he has drunk a little water. His doctor said that duodenal ulcer had ruined his stomach. He did not give up his acts of worship, even the night prayers. And he did not have any problem. He said, “It is possible not to eat anything, but survive!” He also continued teaching although he ...


The Eighteenth Story
In the beginning of Marsiya, I always recited eulogies for Imam Mahdi, peace be upon him. That day I read a poem in praise of his complexion and stature, about the hair and beautiful face of the hidden Imam……. Immediately, Ayatollah Bahjat sent me a message: Tell him not to describe his eyes, eye-br...