In Najaf

The Third Story

He left the Holy shrine of Imam Ali, said “Ya Ali” [an expression to seek Imam Ali’s help] and started walking.
He had just moved to Najaf.
The last moment he was about to leave the holy shrine, he turned to the dome of Imam Reza’s Holy Shrine and said, "O’ my master! Please show me somebody who is spiritually beautiful! "
He lit his pipe and went towards the bazaar, not knowing where he was going. He only took steps...
When he reached Sayyid school, he went inside involuntarily. He did not have anything to do     there, he was only to take a quick look at it.
He sat down in front of a room.
Its door opened, and a young man came out, inviting him in.
They did not know but hugged each other involuntarily, and then wept!
There was no word, and later they never saw each other.
Years later, he saw a picture, and that person looked familiar. He asked, “Who’s this?”
He was told, “Ayatollah Bahjat.”
He remembered that day and Sayyid school;
He sighed and murmured:
"That day I asked Imam Ali to show me a spiritually beautiful person."

A memory shared by Haj Hadi Abhari who quoted the late Sheikh Jawad Karbala'i

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