Answering Questions

The Ninth Story

During the thirty years when I was at the service of various scholars, the committee on answering questions would meet, with the religious authority attending it, in order to answer difficult legal questions.
To find the answer, Hadith collections or inferential books were referred to, and then the final verdict of the scholar was announced.
With Ayatollah Bahjat, the same procedure was followed except that during the fifteen years I was at his service, he never asked for any book to search for the issue at hand. He would issue the Fatwa based on his own knowledge.  When we referred to the books later, we found out they included the same thing he issued.
I was always wondering whether it was possible to remember everything at the age of ninety.
I had not answer;
Perhaps he was inspired...

A memory shared by the late Ayatollah Shaikh Ali Eftekhari

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