His Youth

The Second Story

I seek refuge in Allah! What have you done, my brother’s son?!
He wore his cloak and headed to the master’s home, walking through the streets of Karbala.
He had been told that his sixteen-year-old nephew - Muhammad Taqi - was rude to that scholar.
He had been told that yesterday at school Muhammad Taqi opposed the great scholar of Karbala and critiqued his theories in the presence of all the outstanding and learned seminary students.
He knocked on the door. The master opened it himself.
He said, “I am the paternal uncle of the teenager who was impolite to you yesterday!”
The master remembered that yesterday in school he argued with a boy on a scholastic issue.
He replied, “No, sir! In fact, I urge my children to study like him and to socialize and associate with him.”
Later when Muhamad Taqi started teaching, he would tell young seminary students:
"Whatever you study, you should understand it as though you are its author so that nothing may be vague for you. After studying something, you should be able to teach it easily; otherwise, you should study it again.”

A memory shared by Ayatollah Bahjat’s uncle and recounted by his relatives.

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