Caring for Others

The Sixth Story

SAVAK (The Pahlavi Intelligence Service) was looking for me.
They put so intolerable pressures on me that I had to hide for a while.

Having the simple life of a seminary student and not so good a financial situation, I had to leave my family in Qom.
 After a while I came back, my wife told me, "When you were away, Ayatollah Bahjat's wife brought us a bag of rice and some money. Upon her leaving our house, I saw her to the door and accompanied her a little in the alley, too. There I saw her son waiting for her."
He had carried the bag of rice to our house but did not come in.
I was wondering why Ayatollah Bahjat did not come in person, why his wife and son came together, and why his son did not come alone.
Later I saw a Hadith indicating when a woman’s husband is away, it is not good for another man to go to their house.

A memory shared by Ayatollah Misbah Yazdi,

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