The Camera

The Eleventh Story

I liked to know what he would do when he was alone.
I wanted to take a picture of him in seclusion by any possible means.
I placed a tiny camera between the books in the top shelf of his bookcase and waited...
As usual, he came on time.
Before he sat down, he looked up at the top shelf and asked, “What is it up there?”
I got embarrassed.
I picked up the camera quickly and said, “I have left my cell phone there!”
I was mortified; a cell phone on the top shelf of a bookcase, between the books!
I related that event to his son, Ali. He said,
For years, the committee on seeking Fatwa has met every Tuesday night. Many times I intended to record it but was afraid that he would notice the hidden camera, so I failed to do so!!

A memory shared by a companion of Ayatollah Bahjat

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