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Who is this Man?

A memory by Ayatollah Sheikh Javad Karbalayi

 When he came out from Imam Ali,s holly shrine, he turned his face to the holly shrine and said: "Dear Mola Ali, please show me a beautiful face."

He went out of the holy shrine and started to smoke his clay pipe and then went to the bazaar. When he reached to Seyyed School, he entered involuntarily and sat against one of the rooms. One of the doors opened, a young man came out and invited him to go in.  They had never seen each other. They didn’t know each other but they embraced involuntarily and started to cry.

They said nothing. They never saw each other again. After so many years, he saw a photograph and remembered the familiar face of the young man. He asked: "Who is this man?"

They answered: "He's Ayatollah Behjat." He remembered the day at Seyyed School.


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