His Teachers

Grand Ayatollah Borujerdi

He was born in March 1875 in the city of Borujerd, Iran
   Grand Ayatollah Borujerdi belongs to a respectable family known for its knowledge and piety. He is of the descendants of the Infallible Imams, peace be upon them. His family traced its lineage 30 generations to Hassan ibn Ali, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him and his progeny. ...

A boy Reared in the Laps of a Good Father

The signs of genius showed on him
   A boy was reared in the laps of a man, Karbalaai Mahmoud Bahjat, his father whose heart was filled with the warmth of the love of Ahl al-Bayt, the household of the prophet, peace be upon them, and grief for their tragedies, particularly the tragedies of Abu Abdullah Al-Hussain(as) who gave everyt...
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He Never Talked About Himself

'I used to participate in the congregational prayers led by our mentor Naeeni...
One of the students of Ayatollah Bahjat says the following: "During two years which I spent at his lessons, I never heard him talk about himself except on very rare occasions. One of those occasions is when he talked about the process of lauding the moral status of his mentor, Mirza Mohammad Hussai...
His Teachers

Grand Ayatollah Sheikh Mortaza Taleqani

He was born in 1858 in the city of Taleqan
     Sheikh Mortaza Taleqani was born in 1858 in the city of Taleqan. He learned Qur'an and Persian literature in the katateeb of the city then migrated to Tehran and from there to Isfahan so he could attend classes by its great scholars such as Ayatollah Abul Ma'ali Karbalai, Hakeem Qashqayi Akhund...
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Why Ayatollah Bahjat was named "Mohammad Taqi"?

He decided to call him "Mohammad Taqi"
   The father of Ayatollah Bahjat passed away while his son was about 16 –17 of age after falling sick to an epidemic. He became bed-ridden, and his condition of his health deteriorated to the extent that his family lost hope for his recovery from the disease. The father of the Ayatollah narrates th...
His Teachers

Grand Ayatollah Mirza Muhammad Hussain Naeeni

He was born in a family known for its knowledge and distinction on 15th of June 1957
      Ayatollah Naeeni was one of the most famous religious authorities of his time, one of the greatest critics and verifiers in the sciences of fiqh and Usul, so much so that he was known as the reviver and innovator in the science of Usul. The Allamah was born in a family known for its knowledge ...
His Teachers

Grand Ayatollah Hajj Sheikh Muhammad Kadhim Shirazi

He was born in the yerar 1873 in Shiraz
     He was born in the yerar 1873 in the city of Shiraz. He was honored by making the pilgrimage to the holy sites in Iraq in the company of his parents in 1883 and resided in the holy city of Karbala where he started learning Arabic. His parents returned to Shiraz two years later, but he remained ...
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Ayatollah Bahjat before Reaching Adolescence

During his studies, and shortly before reaching adolescence, he paid attention to self-cultivation and moral perfection. He therefore, kept looking for a teacher of manners to embrace and cultivate him since residing in Karbala. He heard about Sayyid Ali Qazi Tabatabai, may God bless his soul, being...
His Teachers

Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Abul Hassan Isfahani

He was born in Madisah village, Isfahan in the year 1868.
    Ayatollah Sayyid Abul Hassan Isfahani was born in Madisah village, one of the villages of Lanjan, district of the city of Isfahan in the year 1868. He completed his primary studies in the Nimarud School in Isfahan where he was taught by Mirza Abul Ma'ali Kalbasi, benefiting greatly from him. He...
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Personified Practical Emulation

He tied himself to adoration, to standing for the prayers
   One of the distinctions that set Ayatollah Bahjat apart from the rest of scholars and mujtahids is his practical emulation of the Infallibles, peace be upon them. You see this clearly from his statements and actions, his standing and sitting, his speech and silence, during his acts of adoration, ...