The Food for Human Soul

The Sixteenth Story

For some days, he has drunk a little water.
His doctor said that duodenal ulcer had ruined his stomach.
He did not give up his acts of worship, even the night prayers.
And he did not have any problem.
He said, “It is possible not to eat anything, but survive!”
He also continued teaching although he was not feeling well.
He believed teaching was an act of worship which could help cure his disease.
He referred to teaching as a way of seeking a cure.
As we need food to meet the needs of our body,
worship is the food for human soul!
Now I heard that the food for his soul met his body needs as well!
Whenever I wanted to follow and find him through intellect, I lost track of him more.
My philosophical ideas always came to a dead end, and his destination was beyond all my philosophical ideas.

Source: a memory by Hujjatul-Islam Ali Bahjat


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