The Tenth Story

At everybody’s insistence, he agreed to go on Hajj pilgrimage, but provided that nobody was informed.
He asked me, “Is it ok with your wife if you come with me?”
I replied, “Absolutely!”
At the time of Hajj, all preparations were made.
Some were informed of his Hajj pilgrimage.
For sure other Iranian pilgrims would also know about it and would make our job difficult;
When he found out everybody knew about his Hajj, he changed his mind and wanted me to apologize to our hosts for not going!

A few days later my wife asked me, “Aren’t you going on Hajj?! Everybody set off!!”
I was surprised and asked her, “What are you talking about?”
She replied, "One day he asked me: Is it ok with you if I want to go on Hajj with my son [your husband]? I was speechless, and asked him: What do you mean? He said: Is it easy for you to take care of your children while he is away?"
I told myself: in these cases the husband’s permission is required for a wife’s trip, now he's asking for my wife’s permission.

A memory shared by Hujjatul-Islam Ali Bahjat

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