Pray for Me

The Twenty-Third Story

He held Ayatollah Bahjat’s arm tightly and did not let it go,
He kept saying: “Please pray for me,”
Ayatollah Bahjat closed his eyes;
turned around, smiled and prayed for him.
The next day, he asked for some medicine.
When I bought him, he folded up his sleeve. It was bruised.
I had no choice,
Some friends suggested blocking the alley for his protection.
When he saw it, he said, “It’s not necessary! Let the people be comfortable.”
I was worried about Ayatollah Bahjat’s comfort, and he was worried about the people!
He liked to be with the people.
He preferred the convenience of people to his inconvenience.
He said, “We become blessed with people.”
I was thinking, “He doesn’t need to be blessed with people, does he?”

Source: a memory shared by Hujjatul-Islam Ali Bahjat

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