The Seventh Admonishment:

“Invite to Allah by means other than your tongues.”
In His name, the Exalted. There are some people who treat admonishment and speech which is a prerequisite for appropriate action as goal. As if they should only say and listen for the sake of saying and listening. This is wrong. The act of teaching and learning is meant for practical action and it i...

Choose the Suitable and Perfect Scholar

Useful and Constructive Class
      Hujjat al-Islam Khosro Shahi says: "I used to attend the kharij course in fiqh, Khiarat topic, taught by the late Grand Ayatollah Sheik Morteza Haeri, but his health deteriorated during the last days of his holy life; therefore, most of his classes were suspended because he could not continue ...

Teaching And Studying at the Same Time

He used to teach at his house in order to avoid fame
Ayatollah Bahjat used to teach the high Sutooh in Najaf al-Ashraf when he was attending classes of major Ayatollah such Isfahani, al-Kompani and al-Shirazi. In other words, he used to teach and study at the same time, and this was his habit even after his migration to the holy city of Qom. As regard...