Imam Hussain


A boy Reared in the Laps of a Good Father

The signs of genius showed on him
   A boy was reared in the laps of a man, Karbalaai Mahmoud Bahjat, his father whose heart was filled with the warmth of the love of Ahl al-Bayt, the household of the prophet, peace be upon them, and grief for their tragedies, particularly the tragedies of Abu Abdullah Al-Hussain(as) who gave everyt...
His Words

The Most Valuable Mustahab

At the Doorstep of the Household of the Prophet, Peace be Upon Them
Weeping on the afflictions of Ahl al-Bayt, and especially Imam Hussain, peace be upon them, may be of the Mustahabbat better than which there is no other mustahab. ‘Crying out of fear of God’ is the same; it might not be superior to it. ...
His Teachers

Grand Ayatollah Hujjat Kuh-Kamarei

He kept the secrets to himself
The Ayatollah was a scholar who acted upon his knowledge, a perfect jurist, a virtuous traditionist, a skilled wise man, a precise man of Usul, a verifier of narrators of hadith, a man who acquired knowledge of what is rational and what is transmitted. He was born in March 1893, coinciding with the ...