The Martyrs

The Fourteenth Story

His face was fully soiled.

Many were martyred.

There was no hope for victory, and he had to keep it to himself.

All soldiers were focusing on him.

He was the army commander.

He went into the trench,

and picked up the phone.

I was still awake, staring at clock hands.

The phone rang.

At this time! Midnight?!

I answered it.

It was Sayyad Shirazi, the army commander.

He said: “The military operation has reached a deadlock, and if we continue, we may be defeated!”

He first called Imam Khomeini,

who said, “Call Ayatollah Bahjat and ask him to pray for you.”

We told Ayatollah Bahjat about the phone call, and he said, “I have already prayed for them!”

Baffled, he was staring at the battlefield.

 He could not believe his eyes.

The enemy was fleeing from something ...


Source: a memory by a friend of martyred commander, Sayyad Shirazi, quoted by a companion of Ayatollah Bahjat

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