Remembrance of God

The Eighth Story


He made the best use of time through Remembrance of God (Zikr).
He would breathe with Zikr.
At home, he would usually say "Ya Hadi" [O’ the Guide!] and "Ya Allah,".
Sometimes he said "Ya Sattar" [O’ the One Who veils sins!], with his eyes closed.
When he was about to go somewhere,
When he was leaving home,
And when he went to the guest room, he would also say "Ya Sattar".
He would say Zikrs all the time. Even when he was taking a book out of the bookcase, he said Zikrs.
After the obligatory Zikr of prayer Ruku’ [bowing] and Sajdah [prostration] in the daily prayers, he would whisper "O’ the Most Merciful!"

A memory shared by Hujjatul-Islam Ali Bahjat

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