The Ayatollah's Heaven

The Fifteenth Story

He stared at the cracks on the walls!
It was an old and simple house.
He could not believe his eyes.
He lived in the USA and had visited forty-five countries;
He had a questioning look.
He could not help not talking about it, and the day he wanted to go back, he came to Ayatollah Bahjat and said:
I went to the northern Iran and saw Gillan. It’s a beautiful place. I saw no place as beautiful as Gillan!
You have left that heaven and come here!!?
Ayatollah Bahjat said: “We have exchanged this heaven for that.”
He did not understand what Ayatollah Bahjat said.
He turned around and looked at his surroundings!
He was looking for paradise….

Source: a memory shared by Hujjatul-Islam Ali Bahjat

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