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Why Ayatollah Bahjat was named "Mohammad Taqi"?

He decided to call him "Mohammad Taqi"

   The father of Ayatollah Bahjat passed away while his son was about 16 –17 of age after falling sick to an epidemic. He became bed-ridden, and his condition of his health deteriorated to the extent that his family lost hope for his recovery from the disease. The father of the Ayatollah narrates that he heard in this state a call as if it was saying, "Leave him! You have nothing to do with him. He is father of Muhammad Taqi". Then he lost consciousness as he was in that state, so much so that his mother thought he died. But after a short while, the father of Ayatollah Bahjat woke up, stood up and recovered his health fully.

He decided to call him "Mohammad Taqi". But the son fell in a water pool and drowned.


    After a few years, Ayatollah Bahjat's father decided to get married after having completely forgotten the incident of his falling sick and the call which he then heard. When he was blessed with his first son, he called him "Mehdi" after his own father (the grandfather of Ayatollah Bahjat). After that he was blessed with a daughter then with a son whom he named "Mohammad Hussain". He did not remember this incident until when he had been blessed with his fourth son; so, he decided to call him "Mohammad Taqi". But the son fell in a water pool and drowned. Ayatollah Bahjat's father again named his fifth son with whom Allah blessed him with the same name, "Mohammad Taqi", which later became Grand Ayatollah Bahjat.

Mahmoud al-Badri, Uswat al-Arifeen


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