Hakeem Qashqayi

His Teachers

Grand Ayatollah Borujerdi

He was born in March 1875 in the city of Borujerd, Iran
   Grand Ayatollah Borujerdi belongs to a respectable family known for its knowledge and piety. He is of the descendants of the Infallible Imams, peace be upon them. His family traced its lineage 30 generations to Hassan ibn Ali, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him and his progeny. ...
His Teachers

Grand Ayatollah Sheikh Mortaza Taleqani

He was born in 1858 in the city of Taleqan
     Sheikh Mortaza Taleqani was born in 1858 in the city of Taleqan. He learned Qur'an and Persian literature in the katateeb of the city then migrated to Tehran and from there to Isfahan so he could attend classes by its great scholars such as Ayatollah Abul Ma'ali Karbalai, Hakeem Qashqayi Akhund...