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Personified Practical Emulation

He tied himself to adoration, to standing for the prayers

   One of the distinctions that set Ayatollah Bahjat apart from the rest of scholars and mujtahids is his practical emulation of the Infallibles, peace be upon them. You see this clearly from his statements and actions, his standing and sitting, his speech and silence, during his acts of adoration, when he supplicates, and when he interacts with people. This distinction makes everyone, even when one is unaware, heading in the direction of God, the most Praised One, the most Exalted.

   Ayatollah Misbah says the following in this regard: "I came to know the Ayatollah in 1953 when I went to the city of Qom. His house was in the neighborhood of the Hujjati School, and I used to see him on my way or in the shrine almost every day. His shining face, when he moved or was still, when he stood or sat down, attracted the attentions to him and gave the impression that this man was living in a special spiritual atmosphere. His interests in other matters surpassed the interests of individuals in some matters.

  He tied himself to adoration, to standing for the prayers during sahar (pre-dawn) times, his pilgrimage to the shrine of the Infallible Lady Fatima, peace be upon her, and by other programs which he did every day. These matters used to attract the attention of everyone especially those who were looking for a practical role model to emulate.

   His personal actions and piercing looks intensified the effect of these factors. His impact on some individuals was spiritual, making them get attracted to him in an amazing way. Anyway, such characteristics are the catalyst that prompted me to get to know the Ayatollah, to know what sets him apart, what distinguishes him. It is for the above reasons that I kept asking friends and other individuals whom I thought might be familiar with Ayatollah Bahjat and his spiritual conditions and scholarly status. From my research, I came to know that he enjoyed an excellent status from both scholarly and spiritual standpoints. Thereafter, the Ayatollah gradually permitted me to be present at his house and to benefit from his admonitions.


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