His Childhood


A boy Reared in the Laps of a Good Father

The signs of genius showed on him
   A boy was reared in the laps of a man, Karbalaai Mahmoud Bahjat, his father whose heart was filled with the warmth of the love of Ahl al-Bayt, the household of the prophet, peace be upon them, and grief for their tragedies, particularly the tragedies of Abu Abdullah Al-Hussain(as) who gave everyt...
Memories by others

Ayatollah Bahjat before Reaching Adolescence

During his studies, and shortly before reaching adolescence, he paid attention to self-cultivation and moral perfection. He therefore, kept looking for a teacher of manners to embrace and cultivate him since residing in Karbala. He heard about Sayyid Ali Qazi Tabatabai, may God bless his soul, being...