Act upon Islamic Laws

His Words

The necessity of moving through the right path

We do not want to progress and reach perfection
Sometimes we do not act upon the explicit and easy commands of jurisprudence that we are already aware of, and then we go to teachers of ethics and spirituality to ask for heavy Zikrs (invocations) and matters heavier and greater than what we need… This indicates that we do not want to progress and ...
His Words

The right way of inviting towards Islam

Invite others to the truth of Islam
If a Muslim intends to live in line with the Islamic Civilization, and invite others to the truth of Islam, or help Muslims remain steadfast in their faith so that they do not run away to lands of Kufr (disbelief and infidelity) he must know the laws of Islam and abide by all of them. ...

The Seventh Admonishment:

“Invite to Allah by means other than your tongues.”
In His name, the Exalted. There are some people who treat admonishment and speech which is a prerequisite for appropriate action as goal. As if they should only say and listen for the sake of saying and listening. This is wrong. The act of teaching and learning is meant for practical action and it i...