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Continuous Zikr Practice

His continuous invocation of Zikrs

 Continuous Zikr Practice
Hujjatul-Islam wal Muslimin Khosro-Shahi says: "One of the distinctive characteristics of Ayatollah Bahjat is his continuous invocation of Zikrs. One day, when he was returning from the mosque home following the congregational prayers, he turned to the students who were following him on the way and asked them, 'Do you have any business with me?' They said they did not but wanted to walk with him to earn the honor of his company. Ayatollah Bahjat said, 'I have a private program; it is a Zikr which I articulate on my way to the mosque and back home, but when I see you, I think you have some business with me, so I stop the Zikr. When I reach home, I see that my program was not completed and I feel upset about that.'"


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