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The Role Model in the Pure Branches of Knowledge

The earth is never without divine guides.

Since the day when breezes from the loved one blew upon me, when the flower of existence opened, and I was guided to the full truth in the self, where success is achieved through pulls of the Lord, I realized that reaching the real loved one cannot be achieved except through guidance from one who is familiar with the path. I, therefore, resorted to the Imams (p.b.u.t.) so I could uphold them and plead to them. It is then that this sacred tradition met me on the road: 'Keep company with those whose company reminds you of Allah and whose logic increases your knowledge. And thus it was. I upheld the fact that the adored One does not leave those who seek His path alone or lets them rely on themselves.

The earth is never without divine guides. I was looking for a role model that guides me to the path of the loved One during the absence of the sun of the Household of Inspiration so I could, through seeing him, polish the dust away from the heart and fuse myself through remembrance of the loved One into all existence. During this time, I saw all of that and more. I saw it manifesting itself in the personality of one who is unique in his time, a wise Gnostic, one who drowns his soul into the remembrance of the loved One, who is the light of the hearts of the seekers, the joy of the Gnostics, the perfect Gnostic, the Salman of the time, the one who is truly loyal to the greatest Ayatollah, the Commander of the Faithful Ali ibn Abu Talib (p.b.u.h.) in his knowledge and practice, namely Ayatollah Mohammad Taqi Bahjat.

Narrated by: His student, Reza Baqi Zadeh, Bargi Az Daftare Aftab

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