The virtues of Imam Ali in the ords of Ayatollah Bahjat

A Hadith on the virtues of Imam Ali

In a hadith, the holy Prophet (PBUH) said: “O Ali! If did not fear that Muslims would do the same thing with respect to you that the Christians have done with respect to Jesus, I would have said something about you that wherever you would go people would consecrate the dust under your sole”

Yet, the prophet did not introduce Ali, although he has said many things in this hadith and in other hadiths. The virtues of Imam Ali unsayable. They are the truth but cannot be said. That is because our wisdom and faith are weak and we do not have enough capability. If the holy prophet would have expressed those virtues a many people would have become disbelievers and only a few people would believe in that; as it had happened in case of Jesus.

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