In Najaf

The Third Story
He left the Holy shrine of Imam Ali, said “Ya Ali” [an expression to seek Imam Ali’s help] and started walking. He had just moved to Najaf. The last moment he was about to leave the holy shrine, he turned to the dome of Imam Reza’s Holy Shrine and said, "O’ my master! Please show me somebody who is ...

His Youth

The Second Story
I seek refuge in Allah! What have you done, my brother’s son?! He wore his cloak and headed to the master’s home, walking through the streets of Karbala. He had been told that his sixteen-year-old nephew - Muhammad Taqi - was rude to that scholar. He had been told that yesterday at school Muhammad T...
A Memory by Hujjatul Islam Ali Bahjat

Repeating the Name of God

"Ya Hadi", "Ya Allah", "Ya Sattar"
     He always used to repeat the name of God. When he was taking books, again started to repeat the names of God. He usually repeated, "Ya Hadi" and "Ya Allah" at home.    Sometimes he repeated "Ya Sattar" with his eyes closed.  When he wanted to go somewhere, or when he wanted to visit someone, he...