His Last Will

The Forty-Ninth Story

I still could not believe it;
With a trembling hand, I opened the envelope containing Ayatollah Bahjat’s will.
I read but did not understand it;
The words passed before my eyes in rows.
I thought I had skipped a line,
I moved back and read it again.
I read it for the third time, I was right:
"Make up for the prayers and fasting of all my life."
He had become religiously obligated eighty-one years ago.
He, for whom prayers had a special and different meaning in the early adolescence and years before it was his religious obligation.
He kept saying, “Prayers is a refreshing drink. It is the most favorable pleasure in the world which is matchless!”
Can anyone make up for his prayers?!

Source: a memory shared by Hujjatul-Islam Ali Bahjat

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