Different from others

The Thirty-eighth Story

I owed some religious taxes,
I did not know where and to whom I had to pay it,
I lived in Denmark and didn’t know anyone to help me.
I resorted to Imam Mahdi, may God hasten his reappearance,
After so many days, nothing happened.
One Friday afternoon, I remembered Imam Mahdi,
There was a lump in my throat, I burst into tears and complained to him, saying, "I'm not asking you for money, I want to return your money, and in this country, you have abandoned me?!"
While I was awake and conscious, I heard a voice,
"Give it to our deputy, Ayatollah Bahjat."
Surprised and shocked, I searched for the source of voice, but I could not find it.
I did not know Ayatollah Bahjat.
So I searched for him.
I found out that Ayatollah Bahjat lived in Iran.
I flew to Tehran and went straight to Qom.
I wanted to meet him,
but I was told he did not meet anybody in person,
- I want to pay the religious taxes.
- Give them to his office.
When I insisted, I was told,
On Fridays, he holds mourning sessions for Imam Hussain in Fatemiyyah mosque, you may be able to see him there.
I went to the mosque on a Friday when I was in Qom.
I spent some hours there in his presence,
An old man of great spirituality whose calmness spread throughout the mosque!
I found him as described for me:
"Shaikh Bahjat, to whom you go, is different from others. He would not allow you to kiss his hands, to take picture or to speak with him. Sit in front of him and look in his eyes, if he gives you something with his eyes, [you should be happy and grateful], otherwise you should keep silent."

Source: A memory shared by Hujjatul-Islam Ali Bahjat.


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