His love of Ziarah Ashura

The Thirty-second Story

He was completely familiar with every word in Ziarah Ashura.
In other words, Ziarah Ashura was deeply engrained in him.
He recited Ziarah Ashura everyday with its one hundred curses and one hundred Salams.
He wished he could recite it every day till his death.
His wish was fulfilled.
He liked to have every enlightening word of Ziarah Ashura as his provisions for the hereafter.
At home, if one focused on his lip movement,
he could find out that with every bead of rosary,
he said:
Peace be upon you, O’ Aba Abdillah!
and on those souls who had gathered in your camp,….

Source: a memory shared by Hujjatul-Islam Ali Bahjat.


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