Divine Justice

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The etiquettes and conditions of supplication

How to Supplicate
Supplication requires the following: 1- Praising the Almighty God 2- Confessing to one’s sins and being penitent for them, which is just like repentance or the consequence of it. 3- Sending Salawats (peace and blessings) upon Prophet Mohammad and his descendants, who are the intermediaries of Divine...
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The stages of love and lovers

We love the Prophet, peace be upon him and his progeny
We love Imam Mahdi since he is the Commander of the Bees. All our affairs reach us through him, and the Prophet, peace be upon him and his progeny, has appointed him as our commander. We love the Prophet because God has appointed him as an intercessor between God and us, and we love God because he i...
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The result of truly recognizing this world

It is a house of afflictions?!
It is very rare for someone’s life to be in line with his desires. All worldly pleasures are accompanied with numerous grievances. If one accepts and looks at the world in this way, he would become less upset because of the evils of his spouse and neighbors, for he would not expect more from this wo...