Reciting Salawats

His Words

The etiquettes and conditions of supplication

How to Supplicate
Supplication requires the following: 1- Praising the Almighty God 2- Confessing to one’s sins and being penitent for them, which is just like repentance or the consequence of it. 3- Sending Salawats (peace and blessings) upon Prophet Mohammad and his descendants, who are the intermediaries of Divine...
His Words

Meeting the Imam

Recite Salawat, Go to Masjid Jamkaran
Question: I am eager to meet the Imam of our time, Imam Mahdi, peace be upon him. I request you to pray for the fulfillment of this desire of mine. Answer: Recite Salawat a lot and present them to him, along with praying for the hastening of his reappearance. In addition, go to Masjid Jamkaran a lot...
Interview with al-Manar

The First Meeting

An exclusive interview with Sayyid Hassan Nasrollah on the late Grand Ayatollah Bahjat
About the year 1985, We would often go to the Islamic Republic of Iran. I was about 25 years old then; and we would go to Iran to discuss the issues of Lebanon, the region and the issues regarding The Islamic Resistance with Iranian officials....