His Tomb Stone

The Fiftieth Story

A year and a half after his death, we still could not find a proper sentence to write on his tomb stone.
I was thinking of what to be written on it and who to write it.
But I could not find anything appropriate.
I consulted with friends. They brought me some texts.
A calligrapher volunteered to write on the stone. When he found me confused, he said,
“What do you want to write?! How do you introduce him? You have not known him, have you?”
He was so right,
that he changed my mindset completely.
I said, “We should finally write something”;
He said, “Write what he himself wrote.”

His tomb stone was prepared,
We wrote the sentence that he agreed to be written on his Risalah:
"Al-Abd (the servant of God), Muhammad Taqi Bahjat."
When I saw the stone, I realized that he was still alive and managed what to be written on his tomb stone.

Source: a memory shared by Hujjatul-Islam Ali Bahjat.


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