His Last Words with his Wife

The Forty-fifth Story

For a few days, he kept talking about death.
That day when he was about to go to his room, he turned to my mother and said,
-“Do you know such and such a person in Fuman?”

Good old days! He used to read this line of poetry:
"Friends and brothers, remember me - I am going on a trip from which I will not return."
Then he asked, “Did you hear me?”
My mother replied, “Yes, I did.”
Ayatollah Bahjat smiled and walked away.
That day I didn’t understand the meaning of his words nor the reason for his reading that line of poetry.
But three days later I found out about their meaning.
Those words were his last words with my mother.

Source: a memory shared by Hujjatul-Islam Ali Bahjat.


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