The Forty-first Story

I hit my hand against the bookshelf, and it was wounded deeply.
I had a surgery, and the wound was treated.
A few months later, we were in Mashhad and my hand was very painful. I hid my pain and did not say anything.
One day, while I was busy with my work, Ayatollah Bahjat said,
“I discovered that …...”
I was all ears because he would never say, “I discovered that….”
He added,
"I found out that if someone’s body part hurts, and he rubs it to any place in the holy shrine of Imam Reza, peace be upon him, the pain will be relieved.”
I was writing his words and did not pay attention to their meaning.
Ayatollah Bahjat went to renew his ablution.
I accompanied him to take care of him.
When I came back, I read the points again.
He was talking about me.
The next day I went to the holy shrine of Imam Reza
I felt less pain.
On the third day, the pain eased completely.

After we have returned from Mashhad,
A friend of mine who was a state official came to see Ayatollah Bahjat, but the meeting could not be held.
When he was about to leave Qom, I told him about what happened in Mashhad.
Several weeks later, I saw him again.
He said, “My shoulder was aching. No matter which doctor I consulted, the pain did not relieve.
That's why I came to visit Ayatollah Bahjat;
When I heard your story in Mashhad, I thought to myself that this is a blessing from Imam Reza
I went to Mashhad,
My shoulder pain was treated.

Source: a memory shared by Hujjatul-Islam Ali Bahjat.


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