Following in the footsteps of the Prophet

The Thirty-ninth Story

After he ate breakfast, for a quarter or twenty minutes, he closed his eyes, sitting.
As if he slept;
When he opened his eye, he took his pen and started writing on waste papers.
That day, he wrote:
"Anyone who is influenced by the Prophet’ household,
He follows in their footsteps.
The drink one is given by the Prophet’ household,
Its sweetness, he feels forever."
His writings were mostly in poetry.
I used to tell myself, “Perhaps during this nap, Ayatollah Bahjat goes to the other world.”
As if he wrote something from the other world,
he wrote them down without delay.
When he was finished with writing, he performed ablution and started studying.

Source: A memory shared by a companion of Ayatollah Bahjat

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