Keeping Secrets

The Seventh Story

In Fatemiyyah mosque, I saw Ayatollah Bahjat coming toward me;
His face was flushed, but coming gently;
When he reached me, he asked me, “Do you have any money?”
I could feel the way he was looking at me. Confused and not knowing the reason for his question, I said, “Yes, I do!”
Accusingly he said, “So buy a needle and some thread so that I sew your mouth.”
I was speechless!
Embarrassed and bitterly laughing, I asked, “Shouldn’t I talk at all? Should I ignore all these magnificent spiritual issues?
"The secrets should not be shared! Because revealing them lead to your vanity and arrogance and others’ disbelief, jealousy and sometimes their hostility."

A memory shared by one of his students

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