<h1>The Most Important Dua</h1>
<h1>A boy Reared in the Laps of a Good Father</h1>
<h1>How great is the Creator in his heart? </h1>

Intention in Marsiyahs

In the middle of Imam Hussain’s mourning session, somebody rose to leave.
I got distracted!
I told him, “Wait till the Marsiyeh is over.”
When the mourning session finished,
Ayatollah Bahjat called me. I went to him, who said,
“Let people leave the session whenever they want to.”
During Marsiyeh, focus on Imam Hussain not on people.
When you recite for the 3rd Imam, you will surely experience its joy.

Source: a memory by the Marsiya reciter of Ayatollah Bahjat’s mosque




<h1>The Malakut of one salawat</h1>




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